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A Focus on Adaptation

Our Goal is Simple

We want you to take advantage of the latest technology to make your processes responsive and your data easy to navigate, while driving the quality needed for excellent delivery.

Adaptive Process Services (APS) is a product and business development company. We provide licensing and support for our product CERES as well as professional services for process and data analysis, and due diligence.


Our Solution

What is CERES?


We have been working on a solution for data quality and business intelligence and we think you might be interested to know more.

We have committed ourselves to being agile and innovative to deliver delightful experiences for our customers. In order to be adaptive we needed a system that allowed us to scrutinize our processes on every cycle, continuously improving and removing redundancy. We looked for existing applications, but we couldn’t find anything fast or flexible enough that didn’t break the bank or involve hiring expertise to get it implemented.

So we made our own!

Our integrated platform is designed from the ground up for flexibility so that you can put together your process as you see fit.

We offer simple, repeatable components so you can create documents, workflows and data export to support your activity and get much needed insight into what works and then start reaping the benefits of adaptive processing.

Maintaining quality within an evolving system is a key focus. In order to support good practice we’ve made sure that every object has extensive logging so you can identify what and where it happened and who did it.

More than that we found that by strengthening the context of data and content being produced that any data collected can be drastically enriched, providing greater confidence in the accuracy and validity of your work.


Continuous Development

Features of CERES

Our development process is driven by continuous integration and continuous deployment, meaning that we are always pushing new functionality into our application, while dealing with issues long before they reach our production customers.

We pride ourselves quality and are building features and components for CERES that meet the broader needs of our customers. Always working towards enabling your design decisions to leverage the latest services and technology.


Process Model

Taking advantage of adaptive processing involves first planning your repeatable processes. What data needs to be collected? Do you have visibility on the actions taken to complete? Are you able to correct course without disrupting anything?

CERES can build a model that includes the shape, size and flavor of your data as well as the rhythm and pace of your activity which will lead to the discovery of opportunities for improvement and innovation.


Build Relationships for your data

Accuracy in data is measured by how close the details of a record are to the ‘real world’ counterpart. This is a significant issue when the people defining your records are two or three steps removed from the realities of your business.

CERES delivers context driven design so each record created can be based directly on the artifact it’s supposed to reflect and can then be linked together with other records to create a network of relationships to replicate your systems with high fidelity.


quality and compliance

When you use CERES we want your compliance activity to be continuous and as automated as possible.

We work within Health, research and resources industry and want to engage with many others where maintaining high quality management systems is an imperative.

We stay up to date on the local and international standards or regulations you might find important (e.g. GCP, HIPAA, ISO, IRAP, Australian Privacy Principals and GDPR) and make sure that CERES can be used to effectively implement them for your business.


Confidence in Security

APS is serious about securing the assets and identities of our customers. We have chosen to architect our platform using the best of Amazon Web Services and select leading tools.

CERES is built to be secure from the ground up with active logging and telemetry.

Cyber security controls are integrated throughout development life cycle and all staff and stakeholders involved in operations, development and management are given buy-in with the business’s security approach.


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We are always interested in hearing from people that feel they need help in arranging their data more effectively in order to improve the output of their business.

This might be figuring out how to update an old application, how to revitalize your business practice or how to get your records into order.

If you’re interested in any of our offerings please reach out, we are more than happy to talk through how CERES might fit for you.

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