AWS Summit Sydney 2019

An amazing time was had at the Summit with so much to learn from old and new players alike, not to mention a wealth of new content being shown off by the AWS crew themselves!

Key takeaways from the event:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is core to new technologies, automation is just the beginning.

  • The divide that used to exist between innovators and technical builders has all but disappeared. The only remaining hurdle appears to be the language used to communicate.

  • If you’re not focused on test first design using small interchangeable parts (think micro-services using Pym particles.) you’re going to suffer a lot of pain and rework in a short time.

We were invited by AWS to talk during a session Essential Security Patterns highlighting simple processes for small teams to actively start securing their applications. The session attracted over 4000 attendees, showcased protections and guard rails for new businesses and old and scared the hell out of Satch when he saw the turn out!

Key points to the talk were:

  • Identifying goals from your requirements that are small enough to be measured and can be linked to a successful state.

  • Define your vision early and make sure it links to your goals.

  • Automate everything! Avoid key person risk at all costs.

  • Isolate services by workflow, minimize exposure by putting safety nets at key ‘change’ points (code to release, release to sandbox, sandbox to production, etc.)

  • Safety nets are both functional and technical.

  • Measure your objectives! Telemetry is a must.

There will be a video of the talk released in the coming weeks, look forward to sharing it.

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